Alhamdulillah , An awesome opportunity for seekers of knowledge to collect pearls from
The Best of All Stories = Surah Yusuf
Surah Yusuf Tafseer Invite
πŸ“šJoin Us to Learn
β˜€Why Allah swt called it The Best of All Stories
πŸŒ™ Discover how lessons from this Surah can be used in our lives and reflect on the wisdoms contained in Allah’s final revelation.
🌠Importance of Aqeedah e Tawheed
🌠How to inculcate within yourself a love for the Qur’an
🌠Different types of dreams
🌠The fiqh of a lost child
🌠The types dua, knowledge, and patience ‘Sabrun Jameel’
🌠The status of parents
🌠Fate and Destiny in Islam
🌠Muslim conduct during rainfall and drought
🌠The evils of jealousy
🌠Types of Nafs
🌠The Evil Eye
🌠And much more…… InShaaAllah .
πŸ—“Starts : Tue 25 the April 2017
⏱Time : 9:15am-1:15pm
πŸšͺVenue : Nurul Quran Campus at 205 Market Place ,Roswell GA 30075
✏ Join us with your near and dears @ Listeners are always Welcome .
πŸ’ Babysitting will be available.
“Are you ready❓For this amazing experience πŸ†
We ask Allah, the Most High, to bless us with beneficial knowledge and actions that are acceptable to Him, indeed He is the Most Generous, the Most Gracious.Aameen .